Instant Money Maker & Puffle Adder

Hey everyone,

It’s been a long time since we had an instant money maker that could add up to 1 million coins, but it’s finally here! I’m sure everyone is pleased at how fast it is, however please remember to take care when adding 1 million coins as it is a little more risky than the previous money maker.

We’ve also released a puffle adder which can add many puffles from the Puffle Wild app and the regular puffles. It seems to be quite popular, so enjoy the new programs!

53 thoughts on “Instant Money Maker & Puffle Adder

  1. Hi! I love the work you guys do! I was wondering if it is possible to add an “add all” button for all the adders? And whether it would be possible to somehow filter out the items a penguin already has on their account? Additionally, are you working on a stamp adder? A reply would be much appreciated!

  2. if works like so well btw its really slow it took alout off ours for it too loud umm sorry brb my brothers being really annoying but i love this website thanks ugh my brothers saying , you gotta shoot us shena he just said NOW XD hes so funny lol umm guys sorry im getting really of topic btw i love this website wait did i oredy say that? XD sorry im really tired im getting off my mind ok so enjoy my messege of hope ok thanks everywon plz no bad comments to meh i cry sometimes ok meh eyes are watering right now puzzle TIME XD OK BUT BTW i dont like hacking plz stop hacking oh my name on club penguin is Alexaa5 find meh all say hi XD ok bye everywon

  3. I do not know if I’m the only one who noticed this but, you cannot add several items at once on the furniture adder, you have to add a item and then remove it from your list and then add another item and then remove it again, I’m going to be honest, it pretty annoying that I need to do that every single time I want to add a furniture item. Please fix this! – Marshy

  4. I used the member item adder and the puffle adder. it said the tasks were completed but none of the items aren’t showing up on my account. please help!

  5. Money Adder won’t work with me :( and while I added some items it consumed all of my money, is that normal? Like, does my penguin has to pay for every item added?

  6. i added 500,000 coins to my new penguin and it said it was done but i got no coins added?? i tried it again and still nothing? whats happening? thankyou!!

  7. Now When I log off and then log back on it doesn’t save my igloo or my outfit and sometimes when I add stuff it says I don’t have enough coins so is all of that supposed to happen or not?

  8. The furniture adder isn’t working for me. It’s saying ‘Error you need more coins’, although i have 17,000 coins. I’m only asking for 12 furniture pieces. Someone please help?..

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