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Hi there everyone,

Recently on CPAdders I have noticed that tasks often get stuck, or when trying to add a specific amount of coins it has gone over the amount you chose to add on the check status page. Every time this happens I have to stop all running tasks to fix it.

I have been confused as to why this was happening but the only conclusion I can seem to think of is that when too many tasks are started / running at once, our server has too many connections to the Club Penguin server so Club Penguin block any more.

At some point in the near future, I will be splitting the server into two. This would allow us to have double the connections to Club Penguin and hopefully reducing this issue.

In other news, I recently released a Club Penguin Trainer called Penguin Surge. I have been dedicating the majority of my time to this instead of CPAdders as I feel once it is complete, more people will use it as opposed to CPAdders. Once Penguin Surge is running smoothly with a large amount of features, that is when I will add some final things to CPAdders for people who are not interested in using a Club Penguin Trainer.

13 thoughts on “Stuck Tasks

  1. HI i need help plz I can’t add any penguins to my account! I went to the right page and tried all 3 of my accounts and double checked even TRIPLE checked to make sure I put in the right info and they still didn’t work! My alternate email is [email protected] could you email me? i will email you my cpadders account and maybe you can help me add penguins?

  2. ok cp adders sent out a message on the blog that says they will fix the prob about the stuck tasks, it was posted on Augest 30 and I sent this on OCTOBER 14 PLEASE FIX THE PROBLAM

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