CPAdders is back up!

Hello everyone,

We have exciting news! CPAdders is back up. Everything is fully working, so you can now add your Club Penguin accounts to your CPAdders account with no trouble, and create tasks. Now the team can get back to work on all the extra features that we want to add and stop worrying about this!

We appreciate we are one of the only sites providing Club Penguin hacks now so we are extremely sorry for the long wait. Hopefully you can all get back to using CPAdders now.

7 thoughts on “CPAdders is back up!

  1. Hey CpAdders,
    I’m very happy as its back up!! But,when I try to add the Blue Stardust Shoes it does not add it.I tried the cuckoo-ka shoes that doesn’t add too!!! Please help me with this! And one more thing please get an id item adder! IT WOULD BE THE BEST!!!
    Thank You.


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