Club Penguin Login System Update

Hi there,

You’ve all probably noticed that all of the features on CPAdders are currently unavailable. We believe this is due to Club Penguin making a change to the login system, meaning we have to change some things in the backend of CPAdders to make it work with this new system. We are working very hard to do this as fast as possible, while we have many features to cover, so if you could bear with us whilst we try and make the change, it would be very appreciated.

Once we’ve fixed everything, we’ll let you all know with a follow-up post.

7 thoughts on “Club Penguin Login System Update

  1. Hello there😊 ive been wanting to change my penguin password but club penguin is asking for my parent email. I do not know what email i used for club penguin and i forgot the password too. I read some comments in differevmt websites and they said to do a hacck. Please help me!! I love your website btw :)

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