CPAdders is back up!

Hello everyone,

We have exciting news! CPAdders is back up. Everything is fully working, so you can now add your Club Penguin accounts to your CPAdders account with no trouble, and create tasks. Now the team can get back to work on all the extra features that we want to add and stop worrying about this!

We appreciate we are one of the only sites providing Club Penguin hacks now so we are extremely sorry for the long wait. Hopefully you can all get back to using CPAdders now.

Club Penguin Login System Update

Hi there,

You’ve all probably noticed that all of the features on CPAdders are currently unavailable. We believe this is due to Club Penguin making a change to the login system, meaning we have to change some things in the backend of CPAdders to make it work with this new system. We are working very hard to do this as fast as possible, while we have many features to cover, so if you could bear with us whilst we try and make the change, it would be very appreciated.

Once we’ve fixed everything, we’ll let you all know with a follow-up post.

Updates to Check Status page

Hello everyone,

After the successful release of the new CPAdders site on Sunday evening, the team have been working on adding some extra features that we had left out originally because we wanted to release the new site to you as quick as possible. Over the next couple of weeks you will probably see some minor updates, however we are already planning some more advanced features after looking at how you all use the site.

We just completed a small feature which makes the information and progress bar on the Check Status page automatically update instead of you all having to constantly refresh! The team are also planning on adding more information to the Check Status section like what items are being added, outputting error codes if something goes wrong (there would be a page dedicated to what each error code means), etc.

A minor change was made to the Create Task page, too. We edited the pop-up box which tells you your task has been started and added a design which suits the rest of the website’s theme, instead of using the default browser pop-up design.

Feel free to leave any feedback or ideas in the comments, or you can contact us privately by visiting the Support page. We hope you are enjoying the new website!