New System

Welcome to the new CPAdders. A lot has changed due to a completely new idea we had. We looked closely at how the current system and layout was poorly designed and not entirely user-friendly, so we thought we’d introduce a brand new structure for Club Penguin hacking. If you have had a look around the website and are still unable to work out how to use it, here’s is some helpful information about how it works:

  • Create a¬†CPAdders account.
  • Assign your Club Penguin accounts to your CPAdders accounts by going to the Accounts page and entering the credentials. This will allow you to use our programs a lot easier.
  • Once your Club Penguin accounts are assigned, you can select one from the Accounts page to use our programs with.
  • When you use a program, it opens a “task”. This allows you to view information about the program you have used. (e.g: amount of time left to add items, total coin cost for the task). This information is accessible on the Check Status page.

We hope you like the new set-up and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.