Hello everyone,

Due to heavy server load over the past four days, all CPAdders tasks became stuck causing confusion and inconvenience. We apologise hugely for this and the problem is now fixed.

On a more positive note, we just launched the new system which was recoded from scratch. This should hopefully reduce the chance of tasks getting stuck down to 0 and also make our programs more reliable. A new support ticket system has also been introduced that makes it much easier to contact us regarding bugs or general queries.

Remember to download the iOS app by clicking here, where you get the chance to win 7 day memberships through push-notifications.


CPAdders Upgrade

Hello everyone,

It’s been a while since any CPAdders updates, the most recent one being the iOS application which was pretty major. This time, we are working on completely recoding the whole backend of CPAdders – this means all programs and site features. We know there have been some bugs with programs not working and other minor issues, and we hope to remove all the issues and produce a new website that works smoothly with no errors.

There will be some frontend, design touch-ups, as we introduce some new ideas and change things to make the site even easier to use, however, the main changes will be behind the scenes.

The entire site upgrade should take around a month, but we are aiming for it to be done even sooner.

More updates to be posted on my Twitter.

The secret project!

Hey there!

You may or may not know, but here at CPAdders we’ve been working extremely hard on a secret project for some time now. The idea came up back in October 2015 and after careful planning and preparation, went into development in November 2015. Development was completed by the first week of December 2015 and we hoped to be able to put the project live by the second week of December, however we experienced some setbacks which stopped us from doing so.

There were a few people that were very eager to know what the secret project was and there were a lot of great guesses – Oficialkikocp even guessed correctly! We decided that we didn’t want to give you any hints as to what it was before the release. We wanted it to be a big surprise!

So, without further ado, we present to you, a CPAdders app for iPhone! Download the app today and add things to your Club Penguin account directly from the app. We made the decision of charging a small sum of £0.79 / $0.99 however, the BEAUTIFUL user-interface and no-ads experience totally makes up for it. The main reason we got behind on our release date was because Apple were taking ages to review the app!

View the app on the US App Store:

View the app on the UK App Store:

Again, we hope you love it as much as we do. A lot of effort went into producing this app.

Happy New Year!

Instant Money Maker & Puffle Adder

Hey everyone,

It’s been a long time since we had an instant money maker that could add up to 1 million coins, but it’s finally here! I’m sure everyone is pleased at how fast it is, however please remember to take care when adding 1 million coins as it is a little more risky than the previous money maker.

We’ve also released a puffle adder which can add many puffles from the Puffle Wild app and the regular puffles. It seems to be quite popular, so enjoy the new programs!

Stuck Tasks

Hi there everyone,

Recently on CPAdders I have noticed that tasks often get stuck, or when trying to add a specific amount of coins it has gone over the amount you chose to add on the check status page. Every time this happens I have to stop all running tasks to fix it.

I have been confused as to why this was happening but the only conclusion I can seem to think of is that when too many tasks are started / running at once, our server has too many connections to the Club Penguin server so Club Penguin block any more.

At some point in the near future, I will be splitting the server into two. This would allow us to have double the connections to Club Penguin and hopefully reducing this issue.

In other news, I recently released a Club Penguin Trainer called Penguin Surge. I have been dedicating the majority of my time to this instead of CPAdders as I feel once it is complete, more people will use it as opposed to CPAdders. Once Penguin Surge is running smoothly with a large amount of features, that is when I will add some final things to CPAdders for people who are not interested in using a Club Penguin Trainer.

CPAdders is back up!

Hello everyone,

We have exciting news! CPAdders is back up. Everything is fully working, so you can now add your Club Penguin accounts to your CPAdders account with no trouble, and create tasks. Now the team can get back to work on all the extra features that we want to add and stop worrying about this!

We appreciate we are one of the only sites providing Club Penguin hacks now so we are extremely sorry for the long wait. Hopefully you can all get back to using CPAdders now.

Club Penguin Login System Update

Hi there,

You’ve all probably noticed that all of the features on CPAdders are currently unavailable. We believe this is due to Club Penguin making a change to the login system, meaning we have to change some things in the backend of CPAdders to make it work with this new system. We are working very hard to do this as fast as possible, while we have many features to cover, so if you could bear with us whilst we try and make the change, it would be very appreciated.

Once we’ve fixed everything, we’ll let you all know with a follow-up post.

Updates to Check Status page

Hello everyone,

After the successful release of the new CPAdders site on Sunday evening, the team have been working on adding some extra features that we had left out originally because we wanted to release the new site to you as quick as possible. Over the next couple of weeks you will probably see some minor updates, however we are already planning some more advanced features after looking at how you all use the site.

We just completed a small feature which makes the information and progress bar on the Check Status page automatically update instead of you all having to constantly refresh! The team are also planning on adding more information to the Check Status section like what items are being added, outputting error codes if something goes wrong (there would be a page dedicated to what each error code means), etc.

A minor change was made to the Create Task page, too. We edited the pop-up box which tells you your task has been started and added a design which suits the rest of the website’s theme, instead of using the default browser pop-up design.

Feel free to leave any feedback or ideas in the comments, or you can contact us privately by visiting the Support page. We hope you are enjoying the new website!

New System

Welcome to the new CPAdders. A lot has changed due to a completely new idea we had. We looked closely at how the current system and layout was poorly designed and not entirely user-friendly, so we thought we’d introduce a brand new structure for Club Penguin hacking. If you have had a look around the website and are still unable to work out how to use it, here’s is some helpful information about how it works:

  • Create a CPAdders account.
  • Assign your Club Penguin accounts to your CPAdders accounts by going to the Accounts page and entering the credentials. This will allow you to use our programs a lot easier.
  • Once your Club Penguin accounts are assigned, you can select one from the Accounts page to use our programs with.
  • When you use a program, it opens a “task”. This allows you to view information about the program you have used. (e.g: amount of time left to add items, total coin cost for the task). This information is accessible on the Check Status page.

We hope you like the new set-up and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.