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Welcome to Club Penguin Adders. Home of the most advanced Club Penguin programs to date, we are quite literally the most revolutionary Club Penguin hacks website. Using the Club Penguin Money Maker you will be able to add up to 1 million coins in an instant, and using the Club Penguin Item Adder you will be able to add a wide variety of items ranging from non-members to members only items. Find out about more of our Club Penguin tools below, such as a Club Penguin Igloo Adder and Club Penguin Puffle Adder! Our programs are considered as third-party programs by Disney and therefore go against their rules. Use our programs at your own risk. There is a low chance of getting banned, however, it can still happen. CPAdders can not be held responsible.

CPAdders for iOS!

How it Works

Instead of having numerous pages for different Club Penguin hacks, we compiled it all together. By creating a CPAdders account, you have the ability to save your Club Penguin accounts onto your CPAdders account. You are able to select an account that you want to use our programs on, whenever you want. When you use our programs, you open a task, and you can check the status of all your open tasks. This shows you all information, like how long it will take, and how many coins it costs.

Our Programs

Club Penguin Item Adder
Add items to your penguin!

Club Penguin Igloo Adder
Add igloos to your penguin!

Club Penguin Money Adder
Get up to 1 million coins!

Club Penguin Puffle Adder
Get exclusive puffles!

Club Penguin Furniture Adder
Add furniture items to your account!

Coming soon!